Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Speaker Recording Software for Windows and Mac

Speaker Recording Software to record audio from speakers Everyone knows you can use a microphone for recording audio, and a quality microphone is the best tool for a lot of different types of recording, but if you want to record something that you are listening to on your computer putting your mic next to your speakers is not going to get you the quality audio you can get with SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder.

With SoundTap you can directly record audio from your computer, so you are capturing the same audio you hear being played through your speakers and saving it as an mp3 or wav file. So, with SoundTap installed on your PC or Mac you can record high quality digital audio from all kinds of places including:
  • Record internet radio streams
  • Convert formats with their own players to mp3
  • Record VoIP phone calls or conference calls
  • Save audio from streaming webcasts
  • Grab the audio in online videos
And the list continues, so download SoundTap today to record sound from your computer and happy recording!

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