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How to Make Slow Motion Videos with VideoPad

How to Make Slow Motion Videos with VideoPad

Sometimes the action in a video just happens too fast for us to truly process what we are witnessing. That is why slow motion is commonly used in sports to help referees make accurate calls about what happened when it all happened so fast. Making a slow mo video is a great way to observe the action in your footage without missing anything. With an easy-to-use video editing software such as VideoPad, you can slow down the speed of any video to make your own slow motion movies and videos.

Changing the Speed of Your Clip

Making a slow motion video really just means that you have adjusted the speed of your footage to playback slower than real time. To change the speed of your entire video clip so that it can be viewed in slow motion, start by dragging your clip into the timeline. From there it is as simple as right clicking anywhere on that clip and then selecting the option that says "Change Clip Speed..." This will open the Speed Change window where you can adjust the speed and duration of your video clip.
How to make a slow motion video
Change Clip Speed
How to adjust the speed of a video clip in VideoPad
Clip speed is commonly represented as a percentage in video editing. By default your video will have a speed of 100% That is to say that 100% is real time playback, viewed exactly as it occurred. Anything less than that will be slower than real time and anything greater will be faster. A good place to start for slow motion videos is by cutting your clip's speed in half to 50% Once you have changed the speed of your clip in the Speed Change window, click on the Set button and your change will be applied. If you find that you want your video to be even slower you can always repeat these steps and set the speed (%) even lower.

Making Only a Section of a Video Slow Motion

Example of a slow motion gif made in VideoPad Making just a portion of your video slow motion is another cool and simple effect that you can try in VideoPad. This is great to use when the buildup to the action in your video is perhaps not as exciting as the action itself, or when it would be too time consuming to play the entire clip in slow motion. To make just part of a video slow motion, start by dragging the clip into your timeline. Move the red cursor along the timeline to the position where you want the slow motion portion of the video to begin. Click on the scissors icon to split the clip at the cursor's current position. Then, drag the cursor to the point in your clip where you would like the slow motion to end and click on the scissors to split the tracks at this point as well. This will give you an isolated segment of your video that you can make slow motion without effecting the rest of the clip. Right click on the section of your video that you have clipped to be in slow mo and adjust the speed as demonstrated above.
Making a section of a video clip slow motion

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  1. its good - but it ends up being a jerky slow motion, shame there isn't a setting to make the end result of slow motion more fluid


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