Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Video Editing Masterpiece!

VideoPad Movie Making SoftwareHere's another update from development land - our super fast video editing program VideoPad is currently undergoing major redevelopment. Our 'extreme makeover' team of programmers are (at this very moment) focused on making VideoPad faster, smarter and more powerful.

Haven't heard much about VideoPad? Then listen up. This video editing software is already the perfect solution for getting your movies from your DV Camcorder to your computer for editing. Just connect your camera to your computer, open VideoPad's Capture window and press record. Its that easy. Your video files are saved to your computer and added to your VideoPad project ready for editing.

But what we think makes VideoPad so special is that it delivers all the power and features you need without all the clutter. And best of all, it's completely free.

So, if you are a current user of VideoPad, keep an eye out for the next release. We promise you'll love it even more. And if you haven't tried VideoPad before, go to our website now and download it. It's completely free and will download in just seconds. Check it out at

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do we use our own software?

In one word... Yes.

NCH SoftwareNCH Software has two office locations, one in Denver Colorado and the other in Canberra, Australia. Both locations are set up with the Axon Virtual PBx and the IVM Call Attendant. In some cases employees have extensions on both PBx systems. This allows us to call between the offices on IP Phones for no cost at all.

Someone in the Australian office can just pick up their phone and dial and extension allocated to me in the Denver office, the same if we were only located on different floors of the same building.

If I need to make a call to another business in Australia I can pick up my phone, press my Australian extension and dial a number in Australia and the call we be charged at local call rates instead of international call rates.

FastFox Text Expander is an application that nearly all staff have installed on their PCs and Macs. Our support and marketing teams use it for common responses, signatures, URLs, phone numbers and addresses.

FlexiStation is installed on all computers and we can track our work hours, log leave requests and generally see how our time is spent at work.

Our finance department works with Express Accounts to keep track of incoming and outgoing cash flow for the companies and our sales department uses Express Invoice to create quotes and invoices.

I personally use Debut Video Capture to record webcasts and KeyBlaze Typing Tutor typing tutor because sometimes two fingers for a keyboard just doesn't quite cut it. In one way or another we all use some of the software at home and in the office. Even though we have a testing department sometimes the best way to find a hidden problem, or the best suggestion, when it comes to software is to use it on a day to day level.
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