Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking Back at 2010

The New Year is always a time of reflection. What went well the last year? What could have been better? This is where many New Year’s resolutions come from. Not only is the New Year starting you off with a clean slate but it’s a good reason to find things you can do improve on years past. In the spirit of reflection I took a little time to look at what our most popular blog posts from the last year in hopes of finding a little bit of insight into what we should work on or write about in the year to come.
  1. Change the speed of video clips in VideoPad
  2. Practice audio transcription files now available
  3. NCH Software iPhone Software Update, see all the NCH Software iPhone apps
  4. Make a Glee Music Mash Up with MixPad
  5. Record audio playing through your computer
  6. WavePad recognized as top mac audio editing software
  7. Zulu virtual DJ Software now avaialable for Mac
  8. The Secret Life of Tone Generator Software
  9. Complete transcription quickly and easily with FastFox word expansion software
  10. Radio World User report on BroadWave streaming Audio server software
  11. PitchPerfect Guitar Tuning Software Now an iPhone App
  12. WavePad Audio Editor Software Now available as an iPhone App
  13. FTC Bans Unsolicited robocalls
  14. MixPad Multitrack audio recording and mixing software now available for Mac
  15. New Sound Effect Library Added to WavePad Sound Editor
  16. Create unique sounds with MixPad and WavePad Audio Software
  17. TempoPerfect metronome software is now also an iPhone App
  18. Internet Use in the Office and Cyberslacking is costing employers millions
  19. A movie maker solution for Windows 7—Videopad
  20. CardWorks new free business card designer software
What I take from this is that not only are our big announcements such as the addition of the sound effect library and adding speed control into VideoPad important, but that our readers like to see more about how software is being used by other people in interesting and creative ways. There also seem to be a fair amount of Mac users looking for software solutions who will be pleased to hear that we are going to continue to bring more of our popular software over to the Mac platform. We are also going to continue to try to write about a breadth of different software topics. If there is anything in particular you would like to hear about, let us know.

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