Monday, March 28, 2011

Archival-quality Audio from Vinyl with Golden Records

4.5 Star CNet review for Golden Records Vinyl to CD, LP digitizing softwareGolden Records Vinyl to CD Converter is one of our more popular software programs, offering an easy step-by-step process for converting vinyl LP records and analog audio cassettes to CD or mp3 files. It seems the people at CNET agree, having recently given it high marks, saying, "We've tried many such tools, yet we've often gone back to [Golden Records], which also converts tapes and other analog audio sources." The reviewers went on to say:

"We transcribed several LP records ranging from audiophile quality to barely playable with Golden Records, achieving excellent, archival-quality results each time. The auto track splitter worked fine on scratchy old platters, though recording tracks in the highest possible quality and then splitting and converting them manually using a WAV editor proved the best method for better-quality discs. The sound files produced by Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter sounded great, whatever the source."


You can read the complete review of Golden Records Analog to CD/MP3 Converter from CNET on Or, download today to take advantage of the free 14-day trial and easy wizard based process to start digitizing your vinyl record collection.

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