Monday, June 25, 2012

Remove Background Noise from Audio with WavePad

If you have ever made an audio recording where there are a lot of things going on, like recording an interview at coffee shop, or meetings and lectures with lots of people in the room, you are probably quite familiar with the unwanted background noise that will be a part of your audio when you go back to listen. Sometimes just having a lower quality microphone will add to this background noise, even when you are in relatively quiet surroundings. But the good news is that WavePad audio editor provides an easy way to remove this unwanted noise so you don't need to move all your recording into a studio to get a crisp sounding file. removing background noise and cleaning up audio files is easier than you might think.

To remove background noise, load your audio file into WavePad.
  1. On the Effects tab, click the Cleanup button and select Noise Reduction, Audio Spectral Subtraction. Click the preset drop-menu and select voice or music, then click OK to apply.
  2. Then again from the Effects tab, click the Cleanup button and select Noise Reduction, Multi-band noise gating. Select a preset, then click OK to apply.
Remove Background Noise from Audio Recordings with WavePad

If the presets aren't giving you the best results, try using lower levels on each type of reduction until you find a combination that leaves you with just the audio that you want to hear. Download WavePad audio editing software today to try the noise reduction feature for yourself.


  1. I use this for evp and want to know how to remove white no ice from the background. Thanks :)

  2. Mike I've read not to clean up E.V.P recordings as it reduces the quality of the sound in the long run.If you use the amplify feature maybe 25% increase.I use it for E.V.P's & use wavepad.

  3. I cannot recommend this software enough, I really appreciate the spectral noise sample it has saved me literally hours of manual editing. However I was wondering if it is possible to do a "sample" and "replace"? i.e. grab a sample of audio and then replace throughout a section when found with the "special subtraction" with a different sample. So not just noise removal but noise replacement? Thanks NCH again.

  4. Hello I have been using WavePad for my PSB-7 Spirit Box Audio. Was wondering what is the best noise reduction setting for Audio Spectral Subtraction & the Muliti band noise gating? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. hi why i dont have the Audio Spectral Subtraction option?

  6. How can I remove a guitar ..I only want the drums.