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How To: Convert WAV to MP3 files with Switch Audio Converter

How To: Easily Convert Audio Files from .WAV to .MP3

Audio files exist in a wide variety of formats, each with their own benefits and potential drawbacks. When editing or playing audio tracks, you may need to convert from one format to another to suit your distribution needs.

What are .WAV Audio Files?

WAVE files are uncompressed, lossless CD quality music files. Though they are popularly known by their file extension, .wav, WAVE stands for Waveform Audio File Format. WAV files can contain compressed audio, however, they are more often used to take advantage of uncompressed audio. 

 When Should You Use .WAV Audio Files?

Due to their uncompressed nature, .wav files are the best choice for radio, TV, DVD's and other projects that require uncompromised, high quality audio tracks. As a result, it is uncommon to share .WAV files on the internet because uncompressed audio files are often very large files and result in slow file transfer. .WAV files are favorable for keeping archived versions of original recordings as they will retain original audio quality.

What are .MP3 Audio Files?

.MP3 is a compressed, lossy format that is widely used for audio tracks on the internet in web pages, web videos, audio sharing, and more. MP3 audio files are extremely popular because they take up very little disk space due to being compressed to roughly one tenth of their original size. 

When Should You Use .MP3 Audio Files? 

.MP3 audio files are able to load quickly while retaining high audio quality, which makes them favorable for use on webpages, in embedded videos, in audio sharing and in multimedia presentations.  However, this popularity is a double-edged sword as compressed MP3 audio tracks retain less information and as a result can be more difficult to edit.

How To Convert .WAV Files into .MP3 Files

After editing an original audio recording in the WAV format, you may want to compress your file for easy sharing on the internet. Switch Audio Converter is a simple audio converter which can accomplish WAV to MP3 conversion quickly and easily. Switch also has the option to batch convert audio files, which is efficient and effective for audiophiles who need to convert hundreds of audio tracks in a short period of time. 

Step 1: Load WAV Files

In order to convert WAV to MP3 with Switch, begin by loading the WAV files that you would like to convert. To do this, open Switch Audio Converter and click on the "Add File(s)" button.

Step 2: Select Audio Output Format 

Once you have added the .WAV audio files that you would like to convert, select the audio output format that you would like from the "Output Format" selector at the bottom left of the Switch window. 

You can also select a specific folder where the converted file will be saved, or check the box to output to the same folder as the source file. 

Step 3: Convert Audio Files

Now that your file has been added to Switch and you have selected MP3 as your desired output format, simple click the "Convert" button to convert your files!

Once your file has been converted, a prompt will appear allowing you to be taken directly to the output folder you selected, or to open the file directly. 

Congratulations! Your new MP3 file is now ready to be shared with the world.

Download Switch Audio Converter to Get Started!

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