Friday, June 29, 2012

Edit Song Tags to Organize Your Music Collection

If you have a large music collection you have probably collected songs from lots of different sources, and may find that some of your music's ID3 tag information is incorrect, inconsistent, or even missing. Stamp ID3 Tag Editor is a fast and easy way to correct, update and add ID3 tag information to music files, including the artist name, song title, album, year and more, which can help keep your music library organized.

ID3 tags can be added to the properties of MP3, WAV and OGG audio formats. These tags not only make it easier to find and organize music on your computer, but audio players also use this information to display information about the song you are currently listening to.

To make changes to the data on your songs, browse through the folder explorer on the left side of the Stamp MP3 Tag Editor main interface. The songs list for the folder will be listed in the top right, and the meta data tags for the selected song(s) are shown below the music list. Enter the tag details for the song or songs you have selected, then simply click Stamp to save your changes.

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