Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Free Project Management Software

New Project Management Software New programs continue to be rolled out this year. The most recent addition is our brand new project management software, Express Project, adding another useful tool to our suite of business applications.

Express Project was designed to be an easy project management application to aid project managers with planning, monitoring and tracking all the component of project management from resource allocation, team member schedules and deadlines and more. Complete with a Gantt chart display to easily visualize a project's status and make sure that everything is tracking to meet project goals and deadlines. The larger the project the more helpful software like this can be in tracking all of the resources and tasks in a project, but whether your project is large or small, we hope you will give Express Project a try to help keep everything organized. Download Express Project today, and let us know what you think.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

PitchPerfect Android Guitar Tuning App

Recently we released an Android version of our PitchPerfect Tuning Software, a useful on the go solution for musicians to tune their instrument with before practice, rehearsals, or performances no matter where they are. And, like WavePad Audio Editor joins the list of programs that are now available on all the top platforms, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Providing our easy-to-use solutions across platforms is one of the ways we hope to make it even easier to find the tools you need, because your platform of choice shouldn't be a factor in finding a solution for your needs, whether you need to tune a guitar, trim an audio file or send an invoice.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Do More with Video - Blog Carnival November 4, 2013

do more with video Here are this edition's entries to Do More with Video:

Lance Carr presents The Rules of Video Composition posted at The DIY Video Editor, saying, "Most of the rules of video composition are the same as those for photography. if you follow composition rules you will usually create a good effect, but often breaking the rules can also create a desirable effect."

Chuck Peters presents 8 Tips on Using a Tripod posted at Videomaker, saying, "In order to shoot great looking video, you need to control your camera, and one of the best ways to wrangle your recorder is with a tripod."

Isabella Harriss presents 5 Ways Movie Reviews Are Helpful to Parents posted at Nanny News Network, saying, "Summer may be the season for big-budget blockbusters, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t attractive and exciting features being released throughout the season that are sure to capture kids’ attention."

Han-Gwon Lung presents Video Format Fun: Frames, Containers, Codecs And Compression, Oh My! posted at, saying, "A primer on the stagehands of online video running around behind the curtain as you stream video."

Jason Brubaker presents Sell A Movie To NetFlix posted at Filmmaking Stuff, saying, "In the world of indie filmmaking, it sure seems like NetFlix has become the holy grail. But, while it may be cool to have titles available in NetFlix, the deals they offer might not be worth it."

You might also be interested in: That concludes the first edition of Do More with Video. If you have a video story to share from home movies to video production submit your video blog posts for the next edition.
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