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Wedding Planning With DreamPlan

Be Your Own Professional Wedding Planner With DreamPlan

Planning your own wedding should be more fun than it is nerve-racking. A good wedding planning software is a great way to start exploring ideas and marking things off of your wedding planning checklist. With an easy to use 3D design software such as DreamPlan, you can create and visualize just about every important detail of your wedding. That way when your big day is finally here, you have nothing to worry about because you will have it all planned out. 

The DreamPlan Wedding Content Package

Add Content Tab
With DreamPlan, you have access to an entire online library of content to add to your models and plans. The wedding package is just one of many new additions to the online content library. The Wedding Content Package contains everything you need for wedding planning. Items such as wedding cakes, candles, floral arrangements, tables and wedding arches are included for planning your perfect wedding. To download the wedding content package, just click on the "Add Content" tab in the menu. Check the box that says "Wedding Package" and click download.

Download The Wedding Package From The Online Content Library 

Planning A Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is perhaps the most important preparation for your wedding. You can quickly plan out the ceremony layout for your wedding venue with this easy-to-use software. Add and arrange benches and then decorate the isle with flowers. Decide if you want to have wedding arches or a gazebo. Then paint it all exactly the way it will be on your special day.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Planning A Wedding Reception

The wedding reception oftentimes takes more preparation than the wedding ceremony. A wedding reception needs catering, entertainment, table settings, a dance floor and much much more. Create your ideal wedding reception layout in DreamPlan to make a reception that you and your guests will never forget. Plan a stage or booth for your wedding band or DJ. Create a dance floor for the bride and groom's first dance. Arrange your tables and then make a seating chart. Create the reception that is perfect for your wedding venue.

Outdoor Wedding Reception

Making Wedding Seating Arrangements 

Wedding Table Arrangements
Create the perfect seating arrangement for your wedding ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner and after party. Whether you are having an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, you can arrange your tables and chairs to fit any accommodation and layout.

Wedding Seating Chart

Be as detailed as you want with the Text Label Tool. With this tool you can make the perfect wedding seating chart, so that there is no confusion on the big day.

Choosing Wedding Colors

Wedding Color Schemes
The colors you choose for your wedding will set the mood for the entire day. DreamPlan has a full palette of colors for experimenting with your wedding color scheme. Use the color sampler tool to match exact colors and then try them out on your wedding decorations. You can change the color of any object in DreamPlan!

Set the Tables

Wedding Table Settings 
Create the perfect table arrangements for your wedding with a wide variety of table decorations. Add wine bottles, salt and pepper, candles and flowers to every table. You can adjust the size of your tables to fit more people as needed and add as many chairs for your guests as you would like.

Plan Every Detail

Wedding Guest Book 
Planning your wedding with a 3D software like DreamPlan will help you make sure that you have thought of everything. Cakes, flowers and even a wedding guestbook, are just some of the items that you can add to your virtual wedding. This software will quickly have you checking items off of your wedding planning guide so that you can focus on enjoying your celebration.

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Combine Black and White With Color In PhotoPad

How to Make A Photo With Color and Black and White

You have probably seen one of these dramatic looking images and wondered how it was created. It is a clever and imaginative way to draw attention to a particular color or section of an image and give it that artistic look and feel. The coolest part about these stylish images is that you don't have to be a photo editing expert to make one of your own. The process of making a photo that combines black and white with color can be broken down into three easy steps:
  1. Select the area you want to color 
  2. Invert the selection 
  3. Apply the Grayscale filter 
After reading this tutorial, you too will be able to create an attractive image of your own using the latest version of PhotoPad photo editing software.

Making A Selection

The first step will be to select the part of your image that you wish to keep in color. PhotoPad features 6 different tools for making selections and they each have their own benefits. 
PhotoPad has six different selection tools

Select a region along its outline 

Selecting With The Magnet Tool

The Magnet tool is the tool that is best suited for this project. The Magnet tool works by finding the edges on the object you are selecting. The tool looks for the abrupt color change that is typical of the edge of an object against a background and then uses those detected edges to make an incredibly precise selection.

Select a region with similar colors 

Selecting With The Wand Tool

The Wand tool is another perfectly acceptable option. The wand tool uses color detection to make a selection. You can adjust the sensitivity of the tool so that it selects more or less colors on the spectrum of color you are trying to select. Hold down the shift key while making your selection to add more to it. The Wand tool works best when the background is a different color than the object you are selecting and when the object you are selecting doesn't consist of too many different color tones.

Inverting A Selection

I used the Magnet select tool to select the petals around this flower. You want to make sure you zoom in close to ensure that you are making your selection as precise as possible.

Once the object is selected, it is time to make everything else black and white. Since we want everything except our selected object to change, we are going to invert our selection.

With your object still selected, right click on the selection and choose the option on the drop down menu that says "Invert Selection." You will notice that now, instead of our flower being selected, everything EXCEPT the flower is selected. That is just what we want.

Using The Grayscale Filter

With our background selected, we are going to visit the Filters tab, which is located at the top of the PhotoPad application. Click on the Filters tab and then look for the Grayscale filter on the far left. Grayscale means that only shades of gray will be used to color your image. It is more commonly referred to as "black & white." Now, click on the Grayscale filter option.

Because we have something selected, this will launch a prompt asking if we want to apply the Grayscale effect to the entire image or just to the selected region. Because we now have just the background selected, we will choose to apply the effect to the Selected Region.

The Finished Product

As you can see in this image, the Grayscale Filter effect has been applied to the background while leaving the balloons and their bright colors untouched. The finished product is a beautiful image that jumps right out at you.

Just Released: Crescendo Music Notation Editor for Windows

Download Crescendo 3.05 now at Also available for Android and Mac OS X at the same page

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Just Released: Express Invoice Invoicing Software for iOS

Download Express Invoice 6.02 now at Also available for Mac OS X, Android and Windows at the same page

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Bypass Voxal Voice Changer Effects

How To Switch Back to a Normal Voice with Voxal Voice Changer

Bypass Voice Effects with Voxal Voice Changer

With Voxal voice changing software, you can change your voice in realtime to sound like a girl, alien, robot, or stadium announcer. Voxal works with any chat program that uses a microphone.

In some cases, you may want to quickly switch back to your normal voice. With Voxal, you can easily switch back from a voice effect to your normal voice without exiting the program. To do this, simply use the "ByPass" option to momentarily remove all voice effects. 

How To Remove Voice Changer Effects

To switch back to your normal voice while using Voxal you can use the "Bypass" tool. The Bypass option is located in the Tools tab in the top bar menu. 

Selecting the Bypass tool will bypass the current voice, which will remove all effects from your voice. To switch back to a voice effect, simply deselect the Bypass tool. To deselect the Bypass tool, simply click on the Bypass button a second time. 

If the Bypass tool has a dark background, the Bypass tool is currently selected. 

Bypass tool selected:

Bypass tool not Selected:

Want to learn more about how to use Voxal? Check out our Voxal Video Tutorial Series.

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