Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Software to Grow With Your Business, Made Easier

Software to Grow With Your Business from Invoicing to Accounting and more, made easyOne of the great things about our suite of software applications is that you can pick and choose individual applications so you only buy the programs that you need. If you only need something to help you with invoicing, you can purchase Express Invoice and not need to wade through a complete accounting package just for sending bills to your clients. This is great for small companies that frequently have help from outside with their accounting, and it isn't until you are doing more of the bookkeeping in-house that you'll want a full blown accounting system.

As your business grows and you are getting ready to make the transition to an accounting system, you will be pleased to know that we are striving to make this upgrade easier for you. Now when you install Express Accounts, it will search for Express Invoice on your machine and give you the option of importing the invoices and using the balances from Express Invoice as the opening or beginning balances for your Checking and Accounts Receivable in Express Accounts. Imagine how much time that will save you in setting up your accounts.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Real Time Voice Changer Software

Voxal voice changer softwareOne of the newest NCH applications is Voxal - a free voice changing software. You apply a series of effects to change the sound of your voice. You can apply these changes either to a recorded file, or have Voxal set up to intercept the audio coming in from your microphone. Change your voice in real time and send the changed voice into any other application you are using the microphone with. So from chatting with friends, to giving a your avatar a distinctive voice for online game play, you can use Voxal voice changing software to create interesting voice distortion patterns in minutes, without needing to change any configurations or settings in your other programs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

O is for Optimize

NCH Software ABCs Series

O is for Optimization SoftwareWe are obsessed with speed. Today, everything is going faster than it used to, from just the general pace of life to Olympians setting new world records to internet speeds. Faster is better and optimizing your computer and tasks is about both speed and efficiency to cut away the dead weight and streamline your processes.
  • To optimize your PC when your computing speeds are lagging, use Warp Registry Cleaning Software to clear out some of the unneeded data that can be dragging it down.
  • To speed up your typing, download KeyBlaze Typing Tutor for practice, drills and games to help condition your fingers for flying across the keyboard.
  • Add some shortcuts for things you commonly type with the aid of FastFox Text Expander to cut out the repetition and make your typing even more efficient.
  • To slim down in addition to speeding up, reduce the size of files and save space on your hard drive with Express Zip Compression Software or use our media converters to compress individual audio, video and image files.
That's just a sample, but with so many easy-to-use software applications available at NCH you are sure to find more programs that will make your life and your tasks faster and easier.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Best File Compression Software: Express Zip

Express Zip Software Gold TopTenReviews AwardThe Olympics haven't started yet, but NCH Software has already won a Gold this summer. TopTenReviews just named Express Zip File Compression Software the best file compression software. We were thrilled to not only win the Gold, but to have the reviewers notice the easy-to-use features we have been working so hard on. Saying Express Zip's "simple, intuitive interface takes much of the guesswork out of compressing files," they go on to conclude:

"At the end of the day, compressing and extracting files isn't something you want occupying large portions of your brainpower. Express Zip by NCH Software does its level best to eliminate this task from your daily routine as much as possible. It accomplishes it by reducing the number of minutes and seconds it takes to perform the job."

You can read the complete review of Express Zip on the TopTenReviews website. Or, just install it on your PC or Mac today so it will be at the ready the next time you need a file compression tool.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Express Talk is the First Hands Free Softphone

Express Talk is the First Hands Free Softphone program with new voice commands feature If you use a softphone like Express Talk on a regular basis you've probably noticed how convenient it is to have your phone on your computer. The newest feature added to Express Talk makes it the first and only softphone available with convenient hands-free voice-control, making it even easier to use your softphone on a day-to-day basis.

Version 4.27 of the Express Talk VoIP Softphone released this month added the new Voice Commands feature. With Voice Commands you can use your voice to harness the power of Express Talk while it stays hidden in the background. Not only can you dial any phone number simply by speaking it, you can also call anyone who is listed in your phonebook (home, work or mobile numbers, on any line that you wish to use) by simply speaking their name. In addition to being able to make calls with your voice, you can also answer incoming calls by saying "answer" when the phone rings. Opening the phonebook and dial list are two more things you can now do with your voice, and more features are sure to come.

If you have Windows 7 or Vista, you already have the speech recognition technology on your computer. All you have to do is train it to better recognize your voice and you're ready to go. While the easiest way to use Voice Commands is to let it listen all the time, you can have it only listen for commands when you press the hotkey. You can also configure a system-wide hotkey that uses the key combination of your choice. Express Talk lets you change the words used to perform each command in case you would rather use phrases other than the defaults.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Create Custom Typing Exercises

Who couldn't use a refresher course on touch typing? If you have actually tried some lessons or typing programs recently, you may have found that the standard typing lessons don’t match up with what you want or need to work on. If that's the case, you should try importing your own custom exercises into KeyBlaze typing tutor software to really focus on your weaknesses and hone in on the kind of typing that you do.

Your custom exercise should be saved as a .txt file, so check out Doxillion document converter if you already have documents in another format. When you have your text files ready, go to the Tools tab in KeyBlaze and click the Import icon. Select the type of exercise you want to import, browse to the location, and click Import. The exercise, or speed test, will then be listed in the program ready for you to use.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Organize your Bookkeeping

no more shoebox accounting software

It may not be tax season but that is no reason to let your business bookkeeping fall behind or into disarray. Express Accounts has an intuitive design that allows you to start managing your finances within minutes, so you can save time organizing your incoming and outgoing cash flow. Track more than just transactions, store client and vendor information, manage inventory levels and more with this easy and robust accounting software.

Throughout the year, track the performance of your business and watch your business grow. The task bar displays a current overview of your company's financial status and quick access to more than 20 essential accounting reports.

Express Accounts makes staying on top of your business accounting easier, which will save you headaches when tax times does roll around again, and your accountant will thank you for keeping everything organized.

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