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The Best Video Editor for YouTube

The Best Video Editor for YouTube

In the age of social sharing, everyone has a voice and a message that they want to be heard. YouTube has remained the major platform for those voices for many years and as a result, it has propelled many musicians, comedians, filmmakers, & thrill-seekers into the spotlight. In fact, did you know that YouTube even has awards that it sends out to its best "YouTubers" after they achieve certain numbers of views and subscribers? All the more reason to get started creating your own viral video content! It does take more than just uploading a video to achieve YouTube fame, though. Most YouTubers will tell you that basic video editing skills are a necessity if you want to succeed.

What Makes a Good YouTube Video?

Obviously, how "good" a video is is entirely subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the YouTube viewer. However, YouTube does have an algorithm for ranking videos and the best videos are usually those that are edited well. This is why I say that having good YouTube video editing software is very important. The YouTube algorithm places a heavy emphasis on engagement, which means that keeping your viewers' attention is key to your videos climbing the ranks and getting that golden YouTube award. The best YouTube video editing software is going to have to have the below features to be considered a good YouTube video editor.

Cutting & Trimming
Cutting out the less exciting parts of a video will make it more enjoyable to watch and keep viewers engaged. YouTube does favor longer videos in their algorithm, but they should belong because they are full of great footage, not because you included all thirty-one attempts that it took to stick a good-looking backflip into the pool.

Transitions & Effects

Transitions help to make video clips play together seamlessly. Smooth transitions can help make the switch between clips with different scenery a lot more subtle and easier on the eyes. Additionally, adding effects to your YouTube videos such as Ken Burns (pan and zoom) can help make basic clips like still scenery a little more lively.

Audio & Sound
Many YouTuber's create videos with just pictures and then they provide a voice-over to accompany the images. When done right, these types of videos are every bit as engaging as actual video clips. Having music playing throughout your video adds another layer of engagement as well. A cooking video with a long clip of someone stirring cake batter in complete silence will lose viewers a lot quicker than if there were music being played in the background.

Add Text to Video
The use of text in YouTube videos for titles and captions can help keep the viewer informed and engaged. Text can be used to create subtitles if the speaker's voice in a video can't be heard clearly, as well as to show language translations. You can also use text as an attention-getter to have an important word that was said display on the screen.

Proper Formatting
Properly formatted videos will receive more clicks and views than those that aren't because they are exposed to the right audience. Using the appropriate thumbnails, titles, descriptions, & tags will help make sure that a video is put in front of relevant viewers. A good YouTube video editing software will have features that make formatting your YouTube videos a breeze.

So, What is the Best Video Editor for YouTube?

If you are looking for the best video editor for YouTube, then look no further than VideoPad Video Editing Software. VideoPad checks all of the above boxes and more when it comes to producing quality YouTube videos. This full-featured, professional video editor allows you to create movie masterpieces in minutes that will be shared by your followers over and over again. VideoPad works with just about any file type you can think of, so editing 4K footage, 360 videos, GoPro footage, or video from your mobile phone has never been easier. The simple drag and drop interface makes compiling and organizing clips easy and adding text, transitions & effects is a breeze. It is for these reasons that VideoPad was recently named "The Best Video Editor for YouTube" by

Other YouTube Video Editing Features

VideoPad YouTube Editor comes equipped with settings designed specifically with YouTube video editing in mind. It allows you to save your login credentials so that you can upload videos directly to YouTube from the program. When you are finished with a video you can simply select Export to YouTube from the export options menu. The export window will allow you to select a YouTube video category, add keywords, titles and descriptions, and select the output format from right inside the application. The program supports editing all kinds of video types including 360 video editing for 360 YouTube videos and HD videos. You can easily adjust the aspect ratio for YouTube videos too, with choices ranging from 480p all the way up to 4k.

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