Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Software On-Demand

The On-Demand Brand by Rick MathiesonI recently finished reading The On-Demand Brand by Rick Mathieson, which takes a look at how our culture has become increasingly demanding, seeking instant gratification. From everything from fast food to television, we are no longer willing to wait for things. While Mathieson points to Burger King and their "have it your way" campaign in 1970's as a starting point for this trend, technology and the internet have only increased our need for having things the way we want them on our own schedule. Mathieson goes on to examine ten rules that marketers should know in this on-demand world, all relating to how companies need to shift their thinking to be in line with the expectations consumers have.

The software industry has seen this shift too. We've talked before about software buying trends and the percentage of people who buy their software in a retail store versus purchasing online. It used to be the only way to get software was to get the box with several floppy drives or CDs inside to install from, and it could be a rather time consuming process. Now, you can download and install software in fraction of the time. You don't really need to make plans in advance about your software needs; if you come across a need you can download a software solution on-demand.

NCH Software has adapted to this on-demand mentality quite well. We spend a lot of time trying to improve the usability of our programs so that a user can have the software up and running in three minutes or less, catering to this high-speed demand. Most of our products are under 1 MB in size, so the download time is negligible. We also have a wide range of products that are easily integrated, making it easier for customers to customize a software solution to meet their needs by picking and choosing only the exact products and features that they are looking for. All so you can "have it your way" with software on-demand.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

See How In Action

We have been working on expanding the number of video tutorials on NCH Software products. Since our post back in March we have added several more video software tutorials plus the series on to help you with some the programs that you might want to make available to others over the Internet. Be sure to check out these video tutorials, and let us know if you are itching for a tutorial on one product in particular so we can try to move it up in the queue.

So now in addition to the BroadWave, Golden Records and WavePad tutorials we previously announced, you can also find video tutorials on VideoPad, BroadCam, Troubleshooting server-based software applications and Setting up Web Access in Express Invoice.

These videos are part of our continuing effort to help users get our software up and running as quickly as possible. We hope that these videos will answer some of the common questions about basic functions, especially for people with a visual learning style. Stay in the know and see all of our tutorials by subscribing to the NCH Software YouTube Channel.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After You Point and Shoot, Convert and Share

Pixillion Image Converting SoftwareWe recently teamed up with Aperture Light to provide our Pixillion Image Converting Software as a prize for their monthly photo contest. Aperture Light encourages photographers to take their photos to a new level of creative and innovative photography, and Pixillion helps you take your images anywhere by making it easy to resize, rotate and reformat images so sharing your creativity is even easier. Power features of Pixillion Image Converter include batch conversion to handle large numbers of photos at one time, watermarking, adjusting the quality of jpeg files, and more, making Pixillion a must-have utility for ever shutterbug out there. Good luck to all the contestants out there, and win or lose, we hope you will take a look at our graphics software.

Friday, November 19, 2010

NCH Software Now in Canadian Retail Stores

NCH Software including Express Invoice Now in Canadian Retail StoresToday is the first day that two of our essential business software programs are available across Canada in Staples business supply retail stores. As bundled French and English versions of Express Invoice Invoicing Software and Inventoria Professional Inventory Software hit the shelves today, it marks not only the first time NCH Software products are being sold in retail stores outside the US Market, but also as the first time localized versions of our software are being sold in a retail store environment.

NCH first entered retail stores across the United States early this year. WavePad, VideoPad, PhotoStage, FlexiServer, and Golden Records are just some of the software titles that can now be found at stores including Office Depot, CompUSA, Micro Center, and Fry’s. Seeing our software on the shelves at retail stores in the US has been incredibly exciting and we hope our success here will help us continue to branch out to still more retail stores both here and in other countries, including Australia where we are based, in the future.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boost Audio Quality for Radio and Podcast Production

From radio to podcasting, having high quality audio matters. So if you are recording and producing audio content, NCH Software's top audio software duo Wavepad audio editor and Mixpad multitrack recorder and mixer will provide you with the audio tools you need to produce high quality audio to your listeners. Just ask the people behind The Yes Hour Radio Show, a growing radio program that will be increasing their broadcasts in January. As they grow they have been committed to providing the highest quality audio to their listeners, so one of the recent changes they've made was changing their audio editing software and coming to NCH:

"The first thing we've done, which you might have noticed, is to change our editing software. We initially started by using magic studio, which served its purpose for a small production, but as things grew, that is, as we began to develop our content for The Yes Hour and invited guests on the show we decided to try another program called Mixpad and it's editing component Wavepad... These two NCH Software applications have enabled us to do so much, including recording on a multi-track bed, editing telephone interviews, importing new music from local and existing artists."

Serious Voice of New York, The Yes Hour Radio Show

If you are producing your own radio show, or any other audio project, we hope you too will check out the full range of audio software and software for radio stations we provide to help make you sound your best.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kinks in the Transcription Flow

Save yourself from transcription headachesWe read comments from transcriptionists all the time about how much they love Express Scribe transcription playback software. It gives them complete control over the transcription process: slowing down dictation playback to a speed transcriptionists can keep up with, system-wide hotkeys so convenient shortcuts (such as timestamp) are only a couple of keystrokes away, a convenient file-management system to help keep track of which transcriptions are priority, and much more. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

A few years ago, Olympus introduced the proprietary file format ds2. The move put a kink in many a transcriptionist’s work flow. In order to use the ds2 format freely, one has to be in possession of Olympus software: either with their transcription kit (but you already have a transcription kit—headphones, pedal, software, right?), or with their software that can convert the files (about $100).

The least expensive solution takes the control out of the hands of the transcriptionist, by simply asking the person making the recording to set their recorder to ‘Classic Mode.’ This will ensure the recordings are saved in dss format, a format recognized by Express Scribe. To assist the person creating dictations, DictateAustralia put together the following video tutorial: How To Set Classic Mode For The Olympus DS-5000 & DS-5000iD Digital Dictaphones. This should work for all DS-3400, DS-5000, and DS-5000iD dictation recorders.

Recording in classic mode is the ideal solution, but might not always be possible. For the times a transcriptionist receives dictations in ds2 format, they will need to convert the file to a format recognized by Express Scribe. There are ds2 converters available (not through NCH software, sadly), and many come with a free trial so you can test the software on your files before you commit to buy.

Unfortunately, at the moment we can't say for sure whether we will be able to add support for the ds2 format. But we do hope you continue to take advantage of Express Scribe in the meantime, whenever you possibly can. Additionally, we have other typing tools to help speed your transcription process along. Some are free, and all are useful.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't Get Lost in Translation

NCH Software Localization for Deutsch, Español and FrançaisNCH Software Translation and Localization

One of the things that we are striving for with our software applications is to make them as easy to use and accessible to use as possible so that our customers can start using the programs and be up and running as quickly possible. We use the "3-minute rule" trying to make sure that you can install and start using NCH Software products in 3 minutes or less.

Another thing we have been busy with to make software even more accessible worldwide is translating our popular applications into Spanish, French and German, putting the powerful and intuitive audio editing tools of WavePad in the hands of audio enthusiasts across the globe.

If you've been to the NCH Software homepage recently, you may have noticed the addition of the language drop-menu option giving you the option to switch to Deutsch, Español or Français. In addition to those three we are gearing up to add Japanese, with a translated WavePad in Japanese coming soon, and more products to follow.

If you want to receive updates on our localized software you can sign-up for our newsletters at:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Raking in Awards for NCH Software Applications

The good folks over at TopTen Reviews have been busy and have recently added a few new reviews of some NCH Software favorites to their site. Most notably, they have added VideoPad video editor to their video editing line up, highlighting the extreme ease of use of this small but powerful movie making program.

"Learning to use VideoPad requires very little effort. Indeed, it’s intuitive enough that we were performing some basic functions before even taking a look at the user manual. Drag and drop technology is at the heart of the simplicity. All of the most fundamental processes, including moving clips from the media list to the video and audio tracks or rearranging split clips, can be accomplished in this manner. Other processes are simple too, generally requiring nothing more than clicking a button or selecting an option from a menu. Even adding transitions and effects is just a mouse click away."

TopTenReviews video editing software review

Test drive our easy video editing software for yourself. We think you will agree with TopTenReviews and be amazed at how easy it is to make your own movies with VideoPad. To help get you started you can also check out our VideoPad video tutorial for a quick tour of the program and some of the features you can use when you are editing your first masterpiece.

VideoPad wasn't the only product to get recognized. Express Burn is polishing a new bronze for cd burning which is only one of the many features of the powerful disc burning software. And WavePad can now boast at having a gold, two silvers and a bronze award from TopTenReviews in different categories, with a new silver in mp3 editing and a bronze for voice recording.

WavePad Silver mp3 audio editing software award
"NCH Software is well-known for its broad range of super multimedia software. WavePad, their entry into the MP3 editing software category, has all the same looks of a quality NCH program. With WavePad, you can do everything you would possibly want to do with an audio file with their assortment of editing tools and effects."

TopTenReviews MP3 editing software review

We design all of our software with the user in mind, and winning awards is just an added perk, but it is nice to be recognized for some of the things we strive for like ease of use. We hope you will agree with the reviewers at TopTenReviews and fall for our simple and award-winning software solutions.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Lego Principle: How building from blocks, sets and platforms applies to software

Do you remember playing with Legos when you were a kid? I was thinking about my surplus of Legos the other day, and it got me thinking about software…

When I was a kid, I literally had tens-of-thousands of Lego blocks. It didn't start this way. I grew my collection from the first few space sets I could afford into a massive armada of ships and bases. With each set I added something new to the foundation of what I could already create with my current Lego supply.

Software developers do much the same thing, starting out with a few basic pieces. By learning and accumulating more interesting bits of code overtime, more designs and possibilities begin to emerge. Eventually developers collect a whole range of different building blocks that they can use and the number of possibilities skyrocket, which we refer to as exponential growth.

This phenomenon also occurs on a more local level at NCH Software. Our products are based upon blocks which can be built into a powerful conglomeration of tools. With so many software products, we often use blocks of code, or functions, from our library in multiple products and stack them together to add to the features.

One of the more banal examples of using these building blocks is in our dialog windows. Using the same code ensures that our software products will have a similar look and feel throughout. You wouldn’t want to build a castle with a mixture of Legos and Lincoln logs, would you? A more interesting example is our sound effect library, which is available in WavePad, VideoPad, and MixPad. Think of each of those applications as an already-constructed Lego spaceship, and the sound library is a fancy laser gun we’ve added to all three to make them that much more effective at what they do.

Yet another example is the weblet. In some programs, the weblet is where you go to run your business when you are away from home. In others, it’s where you configure the settings for your phone system, or where you test the video streams you are going to put on your website. The weblet is a foundation we lay down and build on top of to suit the needs of the individual program.

Lego has the right ideas – expandable and always interoperable. At NCH Software, we have the same ideas so that all of our products fit our users' needs. By making core features in our library, we gain a lot of dynamic power to make future products more robust, making our entire development team more powerful. And you can never have too much power.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

high quality audio editing pocket wavepad iphone app Pocket WavePad for iPhone was released a mere month ago, but it didn't take long to generate some interest. Though this app is meant for quick recording and editing on the go, it was created in the spirit of the full desktop version--and users took notice. User and reviewer Andrew Wardell stated:

"The number of effects included in this app was staggering to me, considering the price. What really blew me away though was that they all work really very well! I could definitely compare the quality of the effects to those on the desktop version of WavePad..."

Another bonus Wardell points out is that Pocket WavePad has more features than comparable audio editing apps, and is free to boot. If you haven't downloaded Pocket WavePad for your iPhone yet, what are you waiting for?

If you need more convincing, you can Learn more about Pocket WavePad and read the rest of Wardell's Pocket WavePad iPhone User Review. Then we're sure you'll agree that the only thing left to do is go Download Pocket WavePad for iPhone from the Apple app store.
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