Friday, December 28, 2012

Z is for Zip

NCH Software ABCs Series

Z is for Zipping Software Whether you are compressing individual files to reduce their size, or compressing groups of files and folders into a single, tightly wrapped package, file compression is useful for both data storage and sharing files. Particularly when transferring large files the reduced file sizes from compression can make emailing and sending large amounts of content much more efficient.

The .zip file format was one of the first, and remains one of the most common, file compression formats. So common that "zip" has become synonymous with file compression. Even when other compression or archive formats are used people will still frequently refer to the process of extracting the contents of those file as "unzipping."

When it comes to Express Zip file compression software, part of what makes it great is allowing users to "unzip" those other archive formats. Express Zip only creates new .zip files, but it will open or "unzip" other compressed archive files, or even convert them into .zip files for greater compatibility with other you might pass the file onto in the future. So be sure to zip up your data in fast and functional way with Express Zip to help make your data storage and file sharing easy and worry free.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Free and Easy Backup Software, Now Available for Mac OS X

freeHaving a backup system is an important line of defense to prevent you from losing any important files or photo memories you have on your computer. FileFort is a simple, yet powerful data backup program that is now available for Mac OS X in addition to Windows. With FileFort backup software you can automatically backup all your files, folders, documents and photos to any one of a large number of places. Burn your files to CD DVD or Blu-ray disc, save them on a USB flash drive, upload them to a remote FTP server or even store them of an online account such as Dropbox or Google drive.

Simply select what files should be saved, where to save them, and schedule how often to have the back up run. It is like having an insurance policy on your files, only instead of getting compensation if something is lost, you can retrieve the actual files. This really is one of those cases where it is better to be safe than sorry, so whether you are on a PC or a Mac if you don't have a backup solution already in place you will want to download FileFort backup software today to set things up quickly and easily, for added peace of mind in minutes.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Speed Up Typing Using Keyboard Shortcut Software

FastFox text expander software used to insert your most commonly used text quickly and easily. Expand words, phrases, images, and more to avoid typing things repeatedly and improve your typing speed and productivity.

FastFox is perfect for everyone whether you are saving shortcuts for the correct spelling of complex terminology, storing email templates and answers to FAQs, or even save your address to fill in online forms more quickly. To help you get started we just put together a tutorial video to walk you through setting up your own keyboard shortcuts and introduce you to the auto complete text suggestion tool.

Download the free trial today. Once you get started using FastFox shorthand text expander to speed up your typing, you'll wonder what you ever did without it.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Y is for YouTube

NCH Software ABCs Series

YouTube has a wealth of videos, from information to humor you can find videos about just about everything, a whole world of endless amusement is just a click away. But watching videos isn't the only side. There are millions of aspiring YouTube stars out there who would do well to note some of the useful and easy YouTube software programs below that can help you download, record, edit and upload videos directly to YouTube. Who knows, yours could be the next big viral video. And, for video tutorials on many NCH products, stop by the NCH Software YouTube channel.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Convert Old Files to Give Documents New Life

Convert tired old files into the new document file formats of the times Have a large number of .doc files? Did you recently upgrade your word processor? Or get a new computer?

The good news is you don't need to manually open every document in order to re-save them to the .docx format. As Computeractive recently highlighted, with Doxillion Document Converter to help you, you can easily batch convert documents, transforming them all in one pass.

In their article on, How to convert text documents to other formats, the Computeractive staff detail how to use Doxillion for converting documents, praising the program as "a handy free tool that can convert a wide range of document formats with a couple of clicks from within Windows Explorer. [Requiring] no technical expertise." So if you have files to update, download Doxillion Document Converting Software to get the converting done quickly and easily.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disketch Best Disc Label Software

Recently Software Review Boffin reviewed our Disketch CD/DVD Label Software noting that "it can create professional CD and DVD labels in a blink of an eye." If you are making your own mixed CDs or home Video DVDs for the holidays this can be the perfect finishing touch.
Award for Disketch Disc Label Software and CD Label Maker
"With Disketch Disc Label Software users can create a vast range of CD or DVD labels quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, [we] were able to create labels and covers with an ease and smoothness that made the exercise a pleasant experience. Letting you put your own personal touch on your CD and DVDs."
  – Software Review Boffin

You can read the complete review on Software Review Boffin, or head over to to download Disketch Label Maker Software to get started creating your own unique CD and DVD covers and labels.

Friday, December 7, 2012

X is for eXpress Software

NCH Software ABCs Series

Express Software to get things done fast Express might not be the best 'X' word, but there is no questioning its relevance as a descriptor for NCH Software. NCH has several products with "Express" right in their names. When I think of express, many connotations come to mind including speed and efficiency. So think of these as software programs to streamline the processes that they are designed for, and help you sail through tasks, not unlike being in the express lane.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WavePad's Chicago Fire Cameo

Did you spot WavePad on the NBC show Chicago Fire? If you're a fan of the new NBC show Chicago Fire and you have sharp eyes you might have spotted WavePad on the recent Two Families episode that aired on November 21st. For those of you not familiar with the show it is an intense look at the lives of the firefighters and paramedics Chicago Firehouse 51. One of the subplots of this rather intense Thanksgiving episode includes one of the firefighters deciding to put together a podcast, and there is a scene with him doing an interview with another one of the station 51 firefighters. As they are talking if you are familiar with the WavePad interface you might recognize it in the computer sitting on the table between them. For us this was an added excitement to add to the already action packed television show.

If you haven't seen it you may very well want to start following the heroes portrayed in Chicago Fire. And if you want to create a podcast of your own you will want to have WavePad Audio Editing Software on your computer.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Do More with Audio - Blog Carnival December 3, 2012

Here are this edition's entries to Do More with Audio:

Lambert Varias presents 3D Printed Records for Fisher Price Toy Player posted at Technabob, saying, "Instructables member Fred27 figured out a way to play pretty much any tune on a Fisher Price toy record player with a little bit of code and a 3D printer."

Mitchell Morris presents Helping Your Child Choose a Musical Instrument posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, "Musical instruction can help your child master more than just how to play an instrument over the course of their education"

Jeff Moore presents 10 Signs Your Child Thinks Your Taste in Music is Lame posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, "Hating your parents taste in music seems to be a rite of passage these days."

Anisha presents How I Minimized My College Debt as a DJ posted at NerdWallet, saying, "A self-taught DJ tackled college debt by spinning records at college parties. Get creative and get paid."

Neil presents What was the number one song the day you were born? posted at This Day in Music.

Bobby McFerrin plays... the audience! posted on TED: Ideas worth Spreading:

You might also be interested in: That concludes this edition of Do More with Audio. If you have an audio story to share or advice, tips or tricks to share, we hope you will submit your audio posts and articles to the next edition.
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